Meet the Founder

Greg Wilkinson

(G Money) is the Founder and Director at Mad Rabbit Media.  An airline pilot for over 27 years and involved in music since 1973 when he received his first guitar.  Realizing his ambition to make music his life he found the best possible engineers and personalities to make Mad Rabbit Media a reality with a combined experience level of over 60 years.  His main goal is to help musicians make great recordings and achieving their career goals while exploring the infinite possibilities of the music universe.  He is also a graduate of the Audio Institute of America of San Francisco, California.

Rock On!

Dylan Roth

Engineer, Producer, Musician, Designer 

I arrived in this world May of 1985, in Akron, Ohio. My parents, Bill and Debbie Roth were avid musicians, to say the least. There was not a moment growing up that music was not heard, composed or played in my home. To say I was a musician from the start is an understatement. My dad was a well known drummer who spent his life performing, traveling and teaching. The minute I could pick up a stick, a spark inside of me ignited. By the time my feet could reach the pedals, I knew my fate was sealed. From here, the possibilities were endless.

As a child and early teen, I spent all of my time learning. While others were watching TV and playing video games, I was learning basic principles and practicing rudiments over and over again. From there, I started a few bands and played wherever I could. I was heavy into the local music scene and it was there my interest in engineering began to climb. I had already been working for my brother Will Roth at his company AA Sound and Lighting, so it was already a familiar process to me.

At the age of 16, I started my first studio in the basement of my home. A couple of years later, my studio grew and was relocated to another facility. Over then next 5 or 6 years, my studio as well as my knowledge grew. In 2006, at the age of 21, I relocated from Akron to Athens, Georgia. There, a studio was built from the ground up, the first milestone of my career as an entrepreneur. Over the next couple of years, I successfully ran my studio and produced a number of artists, while still continuing to play whenever I could.

I joined a band by the name of Suburban Soul over that time, which I’m still in today. It was during this period of time I saw my first world tour, running sound for numerous acts. By 2008, I’d felt the itch to relocate yet again. This time, I headed for Nashville, Tennessee, where I teamed up with Akron native producer & engineer Mike Farona. It was there I spent several years aggressively making records, learning about real gear and the science behind it while simultaneously teaming up with as many big shots as I could… and paying attention! You can learn quite a bit staying quiet and simply watching.

Jonathan Wehman

Assistant Engineer

Jonathan, who at a young age watched his father in the studio from a simple jingle to an entire project with an orchestra. He grew and developed a love developing a love for that and music.  An IT Professional by education, he was able to develop skills that are not only invaluable in this industry also was able to expand upon his craft in and out of school. Having nearly 16 years in the industry himself from playing in Bands and Tours. Jonathan’s love of the recording process has driven him to expand upon his father’s vision; to bring high quality production values to every client, with clear and warm sounds to a finished product – be it a single internet release, a CD project release or a piece of production music for a client with a corporate focus. Jonathan has had many chances to see and develop skills around here. He is a truly vital piece to MRM going forward!